Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rattle, Rattle, Rattle . . . Good Bye

Our poor rusted exhaust pipe has been replaced, but I thought it best to at least attempt to eternalize this piece of history online in an effort to pay my respects to the original SS180 we are bringing back to life -- without it.


Paul B. said...

If you are going to trash this muffler, any chance you could post a photo of the inside? I've always wondered what it looks like inside there! :)

Paul B.

Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...


I'd need to cut it open, but why not.

Some guy wrote me and wants to buy it and told me it's perfectly good.

I am not sure I agree.

Palmog said...

Its determinately salvageable.
Don't cut if it is not clogged yet, you can fill the holes with gungums after wet blasting. My exhaust was done like that.
Yes, I am interested in what it looks though!

Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...

Thx Hiro!

It is not clogged at all. I will save it for a future project. I already bought a replacement from ScootWorks long ago so I will use that until I feel like taking on another project.