Thursday, December 28, 2006

Invitation to all readers

Calling all readers . . .

The overall goal for this blog is to create a comprehensive resource for SS180 owners. I can not do this without your help and therefore, I invite all of you to "comment" to postings and make recommendations where you see fit.

My knowledge, at this point, is limited. This blog documents my first restoration and I hope to point out all the mistakes I made and how to avoid these pitfalls in an effort to make the next VSC restoration easier on its owner.

The priority of this blog is to keep SS180s as original as possible during restoration, BUT I also want to help the "daily rider" restorations. It may benefit them to replace their HT coil with a newer PX125 HT coil for better spark, for example.

I recognize, many purists will say that you can't have it both ways Jeremy and my anwser is . . . you can if you have two bikes . . . meaning each owner may restore with a different goal in mind.

Please email me:
1) photos -- before and after -- of your SS180, serial number, year, and your name and I will create a "Registry" post to capture our SS community.
2) stories about your restoration process.
3) problem solving techniques you applied.

I will post your information on the blog.




Dave S. said...

Digging the blog bro. Makes me yearn for a scoot of my own (even a fixer-upper).

Judging by the lables you use at the end of each post, it looks like you got the "new blogger" package. I'm thinking about opening a gmail account so I can upgrade too. I'm most interested in the ability to change colors and fonts in my template.

brezelwerks said...

Hi, not sure how to email photos of my nice unrestored 67' SS also, its only 48 away from your VIN as well, you can email me at if that helps.

Scooter Couple said...


I did not have my comments automatically forwarded to my email. I am sorry for taking so long to reply.

I will email you offline.


Prunes said...

Hello, I started a blog like yours for my 180SS which may end up being a slow project.