Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ah the sweet sound of the Vespa SS 180

While searching I found:

Ah the sweet sound of an SS:

Some close up an SS:

I can't wait for our SS to be complete.


Unknown said...

Hello Jeremy,
I came from the Vespa sports.
One question for you.
Do you prefer the ``back to the original restoration" or ``better than its factory specification"?
The vector you need is really depends upon it.
Good luck,

Scooter Couple said...


I personally prefer to be as a close to manufacture's specs as financially possible, but I am growing more and more "snobby" towards this as I move through this process. Our SS will not be museum quality. Though, it will be exactly what the rider, my wife, wants and that's what counts for this specific bike. This SS will reuse as much of the original components as possible.

I may buy a TV 175 this weekend and I would restore it to spec.


Scooter Couple said...
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Scooter Couple said...


To expand . . . I would like this Blog to lean towards "original" so folks who reference it can use to restore their SS180 as the Vespa created it.


roy said...

hola jeremy, esa es my vespa ss 180!! jajaja,cool video !!
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