Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SS180 is back on the road

After a full restoration to my wife's SS180 we heard a weird grinding sound between neutral and 1st gear.  So we rebuilt the clutch - twice.  That didn't solve it.  So I opened the engine cases and rebuilt the layshaft.  I sealed the cases back up, but still the grinding sound exists.  Bummer.  Maybe we need a new clutch from SIP.  If I give throttle when the clutch is almost all there way out there is no grinding sound.  At this point, I will continue to trouble shoot, but I am prepared to live with the odd sound if necessary now.


Last summer I put the engine back together.  It was a learning curve.  I hit some rough spots, but figured it all out.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day with the bike and now she is back one the road.

Just a few odds and ends left.

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