Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Planning for the layshaft rebuild

I contacted my mentor Tom G. and I asked him if there is anything special I need to consider when riveting and rebuilding the layshaft (cush drive aka Christmas Tree). I do not have a proper work bench nor vice yet, so I will head over to Paul S.'s house to borrow his late next week. Here is Tom's response:

Rebuilding a layshaft is not technically complicated, but in practice is not exactly child's play. Aside from the obvious (put the plate with the bulge in it on the correct side), you need to keep the plates firmly seated against the primary and cluster gears. To do this, assemble the whole unit with machine screws and bolts, and then remove one bolt at a time, substituting the rivet. You have to mash the rivet heads flat and firmly to hold the plates in place firmly. There are rivet presses that do this very nicely (but I don't have one). It is possible to just mash with a hammer, but this requires alot of care. I use a modified pneumatic brad driver (I put a bolt in the brad driver slot where the nails usually go, and drill a small locating dimple in the bolt head. The rivet tail seats nicely in the dimple. Then you just puch down on the brad driver, which is pressure activated, and the tool delivers hundreds of hammer blows in seconds, firmly collapsing the rivet. Just an idea. Good luck, Tom

I plan to buy an Air Palm Nailer and modify it for driving rivets and a vice.

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