Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cush drive removal

I invested some time over the past few days to remove the cush drive. Here is a slideshow of the process:
My goal was to remove ONLY what I must and to leave as much of the engine in tact as possible. A huge thank you to Tom G., who mentored me through the process as well as Paul S., who helped me through some of the tactical steps.

It feels as if I have been blogging about scooter restoration for quite some time. In the beginning I couldn't find any that did it in detail and that's why I decided to document the details for others like me via a blog. Also, many blogs start the documentation process, but either the bike and or the blog never seem to reach completion. Today there are many more resources available for the newbie and novices online (or course the best are the experienced wrenchers), and I'd like to recommend two resources for you that have been trustworthy and around a lot longer than me. Here are two articles I used for this process . . . transmission removal from and brake shoes removal from Paul S.'s site

The next step is for me to inspect my cush drive and then rebuild it. I plan to do that work myself.


Jerry said...

Just found your blog (3/27/11) . Have a 1967 150 Sport my wife got at auction last summer I am building/updating. Am updating to newer engine assembly because crank area was gouged and repaired once already. Could have saved you hours on yours , since I am installing new oil injected 150 I will be using new double Gas/oil tank ! . I have original tank and engine/drive assembly with good clutch trans and drive assembly , and original tank in good shape . I am trying to figure how to convert to 12volt so I can use electric starter which is on mortor unit. Also tank has a sending unit for gas guage, trying to fing new scooter to see how/where gas guage goes? Already have hole for sight glass on oil tank . Going to RestoRod it for my wife. Have gotten some help from Scooter Works in Chicago where I picked up motor unit. Jerry

Jeremy said...

Thx for the note Jerry.

I could put a P200 engine in the SS, but it is the 3rd rarest Vespa and I am interested in keeping it very close to stock -- it is mildly mod'd.