Sunday, April 25, 2010

Going no where and not in a rush

Waiting on some minor paint touch-up on a part at the moment. Clutch is still out and needs to be reinstalled and tested again. I am so hopeful that just soaking the clutch plates (remember the engine sat for over 1 year after rebuild and before running), but I also suspect that will not solve the problem. Paul is still storing the scoot and says that since he has never worked specifically on an SS180 motor he fears he is overlooking something on the clutch and therefore recommends I bring it in to First Kick Scooters and have them resolve the clutch issue. Paul suspects that I do not need to open the engine cases and go to the cush drive -- he believes the problem is the clutch and why open the cases until I confirm that. I agree.

Other news, I have a 9-week-old daughter now and received a pink slip for next year (I am a English teacher), which means I am focused as all hell to find work for next year.

Yesterday, I took my Bajaj Chetak to a local scoot rally:

I broke down. Fuel starvation. Thank God for a chase vehicle that day.

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