Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ride #2

Quick update . . .

I trimmed 2 inches of my fuel line so the line is exactly 60cm at 5/16ths in diameter(manufacturer's spec) and I took a few mini rides for over 20+ minutes this evening. It's a peppy bike!

First I ran it with no airbox/bellow and it was powerful. Then I ran it with everything on and it idled a bit softer. A tune-up may be required.

Now, I need to figure out what's going on with the electrical. I need to install the tail light switch and put bulbs in the speedo, high beam, and headlight. And seal it all back up.

It's a great day!


Michael said...

Nice update! Been perusing your blog for the last several days and have to thank you for sharing your experiences. Just acquired a 1963 VBB and am researching as much as I can before I get going. It runs great, but cosmetically, she ain't that pretty.

Happy riding!


Sam Schembri said...

Great Work Jeremy! I have been reading of your adventures for quite some time and it's great to see you finally have the SS at this stage. My project is coming along very very slowly as life keep getting in the way but hopefully a spring project, when my current contract is up I'll have more free time-I want to be riding Sophia this summer! It's good to have a goal, whether i make it is another story.

Keep up the good work, I am sure that documenting all the trials and tribulations with your resto has really helped lots of people with their projects. From all of us...Thanks :)