Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another ride and what's left

Rode the scoot over to Paul Sachelari's house this evening to figure the electrical and misc. stuff out.

May I say . . . "watch out wheelie!!"

Paul suspects that the clutch needs to be rebuilt (not uncommon I just learned for even brand new repro clutches; though we have stock). It shifts ugly in 1st. Terrible sound. There is also a grinding sound that needs to be determined. When the bike is pushed, not running, you can hear it. The electrical needs to be looked at. The horn worked before, but now nothing seems to be working. Paul also says it does not sound good when its running and needs to be tuned accordingly.

Bottom line is it may not be ready in time for AmeriVespa, which is a BIG bummer for Lisa and me. Most importantly, we are grateful to Paul for helping us out on the last steps of the Vespa and for diagnosing the problems for us.

More to follow . . .


Anonymous said...

that was funny.

Anonymous said...


Scooter Couple said...

Actually not funny. The clutch is not engaging/disengaging correctly and this is a problem that is currently being trouble shot.