Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Update: May 6, 2008

The painter wants the bike YESTERDAY for touch up, since we're moving June 9th, 2008. It's close, but not ready.

- Bike is on its two feet with kickstand installed
- Clutch and cable are fully installed
- Gas tank assembly is assembled and ready to be dropped into the bike
- Floor rails need to have end caps riveted
- Purchased a 5/8s at 3 inches SAE hex bolt to install the muffler
- Headset is ready to be installed

We aim to fire her up soon, but I think we need to finish the floor rail end caps first. We are burned out and feeling semi-negative after having a hour negative experience with the rivets. Firing her up will build our esteem and give us the confidence and inspiration we need to finish her up. We have over 20 hours invested in the floor rail kit and we are so bummed with what a pain in the butt it is and how insanely hard it is to get it 100% perfect. I am starting to think it will look great, but not be perfect now.

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