Friday, February 1, 2008

Reassembly Update #4

I am looking forward to late Feb. or early March when I can start getting my hands dirty again with the Vespa. It would be so great to have the bike done in time for riding season. Ted continues to tinker here and there with the Vespa. Below you can read his newest update:



I have the Haynes book with me right now. I am going to make copies for myself.

I also found some of my tech manuals that have the bolt grade list.

I will also be looking at the torque chart for all the critical nut/bolt tightening specs.

The motor is almost in. The new paint thickness has decreased the size of the area. Also I think Christopher installed the new engine mount bushing in the front of the engine and the metal sleeve is just a tad too long. I will do some filing and grinding and get it to fit.

I would prefer taking some off of the engine mount bushing. It is easier than grinding anything off of the inside of the body. You have to remember that the new paint added some thickness to everything. Bolt holes have to be large enough for the bolt to go through. I little filing increases the diameter without really showing anything.

I am very careful doing this process.

I still have the scooter on the large bench because it is easier to align the engine for mounting. I have the cables laid out.

I’m still looking for the rear shock n/b (bottom) and I never came across any fender n/b’s? There are a lot of baggies, however I will keep on looking.



If you're looking for a lot more movement on a restoration follow Eric W's VBB restoration. He works on his scoot daily for up to four hours per day.

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