Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reassembly Update #2

Front shock is installed on the fork. It's ready for the front fender. Need to find hardware (go through my boxes) and take it to a hardware store and replace it with stainless steel hardware and install the front fender. I also need to polish the exposed bearing race so it glitters in the sun once more.After that the steering column can be installed.

I did not tape up bearing races on the top of the steering column and the bottom of the steering column before paint and THEREFORE had to remove the paint. Make sure to tape that up before you paint. If not, use a razor blade to cut around the paint and then chip away or sand away to avoid chipping any paint that will be exposed. Don't ruin your new paint job!

Ted used his Dremel tool, on a low setting, with light emery paper and ground off the paint of the bearing race without damaging the race or the paint.

Rear shock is almost rebuilt and ready to attach to the rear hub.

Inner tubes are purchased and tires will be mounted on the rim and then on the hubs. It's time to get the bike down on its own two feet.

The lower bearing cover appears to have been damaged while being removed. It is soaking in solvent and if the bend is minor it will be straightened again -- if not it will be replaced.

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VespaRos said...

Looks like you're getting to the really good stuff. I'll be it's great to see things really start to get together. To me, it seems like once you get your scooter properly on the ground it is amazing encouragement to finish the job. And I'm sure it will blaze by pretty well. Can't wait to see where things head on your VSC. Also, love the color. It's great classic choice. Piaggio had a lot of military green paint in surplus from when they were manufacturing for the war movement in WWII. After they were barred from manufacturing war materials and aviation, they put all that paint to good use.