Sunday, October 28, 2007

How to break-in the engine after rebuild

I asked Christopher Markley "how he recommends we break-in the SS engine he rebuilt for us" and he responded:

Non-synthetic two-stroke oil for first 500 miles.
No wide open throttle for extended periods.
No two-up riding.
No lugging engine in too-high gear.
No long distance faster than maybe 40mph, and if that, then vary it up and down.
When riding, roll on and roll off throttle now and then.
Don't stay in mid-range too long.
Don't go down long steep hill with throttle off using
engine as brake.
Just sensible riding.
No need to baby it too much.
Just don't hot-dog.

Also, let her warm up a bit before laying into
the throttle. Many seizures come from people starting the engine and
immediately flying balls-to-the-wall down the road. The aluminum piston
expands much faster than the cast iron cylinder, and bang -- she seizes.

Note: crap! We're still broke. No progress. Got one quote back asking for $511 for 90% of everything. Not bad.

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