Sunday, September 23, 2007

Restoration: Seat Foam

Many of you may need to restore/rebuild/re-foam or create from scratch an authentic SS180 seat. Note that this seat is unique and does not resemble other Vespa seats. Make sure to review previous posts on the subject on this blog since I BUTCHERED I original stock seat and I was so pist at myself for doing so.

The photos below were sent to me by Mark Lee and show you in detail the flip tail build up for the tail end of the seat. NOTE: my flip piece was actually black (very dense and stiff foam -- almost rubber like, but not quite) and looked like the skid plate used on skateboards in the late 1980s (remember those?). Mark believes he is missing that part and will therefore need to have one made.

What ever you do SAVE all of your original foam and try to re-use what you have and very CAREFULLY study what the stock seat looked like. See previous posts. Work from there when restoring your seat and be very specific with your reupholster. If you have the stock foam it will cost you about $150-$175 to have it recovered correctly.

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