Thursday, July 19, 2007

Final Parts List & More

If there is such thing as a "restoration diary" you're looking at it. The pages below are from my personal notes and communication with my bud Ted, who will be helping me in the final assembly of the VSC.

It is my goal to scan in PDFs of all parts I ordered and convert to JPEGs so you guys can see all that I ordered. Unfortunately, I can not post it as a MS Excel or Word doc so you guys could just download and revamp per your needs . . . but feel free to email me if you want what I have.

I wish I had time to write up one long well organized parts list for the VSC (I will do this for the 62 TV175, which I will restore after this bike is complete).

The list below should prove helpful for all newbie and SS restorers as a good starting point.

Click on the images below to make larger. There are six pages total.

The more detail oriented you can be the better. I have a binder at home that is extremely detailed with prints of email discussions on how to best achieve results for many steps along the way to a full restoration. This Blog is also pretty detailed and I have careful to point my mistakes and process (i.e. this entry is all about my process and showing you what and how I chose to document) to help you have a smoother experience than me.

I am taking a 2 month vacation back home . . . Portland, OR (my wife is native) and S.F., CA (where I grew up) and my bud Ted is double checking my parts list when ever he gets a free moment. Once done and when I have cash, we place the final order and then reassemble the bike.


dan said...

this is cool, I don't own a scooter and don't have immediate plans to but I am a sucker for any kind of documented process and find it really interesting.

So, does this list represent a full engine rebuild? Are there somethings that can be left alone? Is there a point when you "cut your losses" and just get a new engine? Forgive my ignorance.

Is it possible to list any books you are using during the restoration? Are you even using books, or just the help from another person who's done this before?

Sorry for the blabbering on, nice work, cant wait to see the whole process..

Scooter Couple said...


This list includes only the finishing touches. The engine is already complete 100% as is the front end. So those parts are not listed here.

The SS180 is a rare bike and to replace that specific engine is not too easy. A brand new 150cc engine is about a $1,000 and a rebuild can be done for under $650 on avg. Weighing out when to replace an engine or rebuild is based on a variety of factors beyond cash -- ie rarity or purity of the bike.

The books I use are parts books available for free download from

I also have a Hayne's Manual, but it's not specific to the Vespa SS180.


Jukka said...

Hi and greetings from Finland! I´ve come across with a Vespa,same model, make and year as Yours!Porche Red, beautifull. It´s running pretty good allready and the framework is is OK shape. It has a lot of things to do before I could call it finished, but that´s ok. Your page is the best source I´ve found on this model so far and I think it helps me a lot during my rebuilt process. In Finland we have a system, that if a certain aged vehicle,ingluding cars and all sorts of motorbikes and Vespas,are restored properly and inspected by "museum inspectors", it´s possible to apply a museum status to the vehicle and get really cheap insurance for it. But that´s not the only thing that drives me, it´s the goal of having completely restored, original shape Vespa SS -67 on the road next summer! Thanks again! (why -67? Me and my Vespa were born on that year...)

Scooter Couple said...


I did not have my comments automatically forwarded to my email. I am sorry for taking so long to reply.

How is your bike coming along?

Please send me a picture! Especially, of museum status.